Annika RoserComment

Be Proud!

Annika RoserComment

Society has put an unfortunate stigma around the word sexy. They have us believing we need to be young with tight skin and full breasts and fit into a size 2 for that word to apply.

The truth is…you can be sexy at any age, any shape, any color, any type of clothing. It’s all in how you hold yourself. Keep your chin high, your shoulders back and be PROUD of the skin that you’re in.

Be PROUD of those lines you have earned around your mouth from the years of smiles that have been brought to you by others and that you have given them.

Be PROUD of the stretch marks that you have earned by growing LIFE inside of you.

Be PROUD of the way you have aged gracefully in the face of stress and worry that life can bring, and likely has brought you.

Be PROUD of showing all of that to your daughters and sons and grandchildren.

Be PROUD to be a woman who can do, and be, anything she chooses.

You are beautiful and you are sexy and you are timeless.