Reducing Under Eye Bags

How to home remedy for under eye bags!

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated! Drink lots and lots of water. This helps your skin retain it's elasticity, so puffy eyes can easily go back to the way they were!

Teabags under your eyes isn't a really does work! There is something in tea called tannins, which I'm not going to proclaim to know exactly how the science behind them works...but let's just say, they magically work with your skin to help reduce swelling and and green teabags are best for under your eyes. Soak the bags, drain them, and put them on your eyes for a good 15 minutes each day to help reduce the puffiness!

Ever put ice on a bruise or a bump..10 minutes on, 10 minutes off? Same principle reduces swelling. Take ice cubes and wrap them in a soft cloth, or use a frozen eye mask and apply to your eyes for 10 minutes. Then, remove it for another ten minutes and repeat.