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Ms. A's Empowering Shoot

Annika RoserComment

You may remember Ms. A from our post last week! This shoot was her idea for her birthday; she wanted to capture this point in her life.

Ms. A picked outfits that we personally love. High waisted panties are one of our favorite items; they are super flattering and factor in a bit of a retro look. The lace teddy is a basic piece but absolutely classic. We love the way the simplicity of it brings the focus to Ms. A's face.

Because she believes in women empowerment, Ms. A allowed us to share some of her photos with you :) She was sweet enough to write a review for us, and said, "I am amazed by how great the photos look and would encourage every woman of every size to find their own sexy in a boudoir shoot!"

Check out the photos below <3

Images by Annika

Styling by Jannicke Welde