Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

We love Fall here at Ma Cherie Studios <3 This is our favorite season for fashion!

Here are some of our favorite Fall Trends of 2015. Thanks to Glamour.com for the images! (These photos were not taken by Ma Cherie Studios.)

1. Turtlenecks. Sleek and fashionable, while still cozy? Sign us up!

2. Flares. They are back! High waisted, flared pants can be so flattering and fun for a retro vibe.

3. 70s chic. Any of our followers know that we love the vintage style, so we are fully embracing the return of 70s style!

4. Neons. We are all about bold pops of color. Stand out!

5. All black everything. While we do love bright colors, sometimes an all-black ensemble is just so sexy and classic.

6. Patterned hosiery. A bit of texture on tights/stockings can add loads of interest and really spices up a simple outfit.

There you have it! This has inspired me to go on a bit of a Fall shopping spree ;) Whoops!



Annika RoserComment