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Classic & Sexy Ms. A

Annika RoserComment

For this lovely Friday, we are happy to introduce to you Ms. A!

Although she is in a relationship, Ms. A did not do the boudoir shoot as a gift for her boyfriend; she did it for herself! She wanted more motivation to work out, and she even started kick boxing power hours to get her mentally and physically prepared.

Prior to the shoot, Ms. A had never worn lingerie, so she was unsure of how it would look. Through our lingerie guidance and helpful information packet, Ms. A was able to pull together some terrific pieces that looked fabulous on her. The polka dotted bra & high waisted panty set is our personal favorite! We also love her gorgeous thick hair that curled beautifully.

Check out the highlights below :)

Photos by Annika

Styling by Kristen Postle