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The Unique & Artful Lingerie of Sarah Buxton

Annika RoserComment

Recently, we did an editorial shoot featuring some very edgy, strappy lingerie that was created by Sarah Buxton. We love Sarah's unique style so we wanted to share it with you!

Sarah describes her lingerie as both under-wear and outer-wear; it is made to be seen and hidden. She believes that lingerie should complement the clothes that a woman wears. To her, lingerie is a form of expression, allowing women to feel bold and alluring.

The lingerie is catered towards women who are willing to take risks and bend the rules. These women find interest in lines and the shapes that they create, and appreciate small details. The style is feminine without frills. A woman can wear the body harness over a sleek maxi dress or under it, letting just a choker peek above her neckline. No need for cups, underwire or boning - just sexy straps and the phenomenal female body.

Sarah compares the process of designing undergarments to illustrating or painting the female form. You are tracing the contours of the body, highlighting certain parts as you go. It is a form of linear design that captures the power and strength of feminine beauty - a concept that we firmly believe in here at Ma Cherie Studios :)

In the future, Sarah aspires to create a brand and sell her lingerie online, targeting women who love seductive and unique designs. While having collections that rotate through seasons, she also would like to make items to order, with classic designs that customers crave and come looking for time after time.

Sarah's current work is inspired by the Banded Tiger Moth's delicate exoskeleton and forewings. The moth's black and white forewings emphasize the minimal color story. Straps highlight the female form, while creating symmetry, as seen in the moth's mirror image exoskeleton.

Be sure to visit Sarah on the web at :)

Images by Annika

Styling by Kristen Postle

Modeling by Carly Hampel

Lingerie (of course) by Sarah Buxton