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Self-portrait Boudoir

Annika RoserComment

This past Christmas I decided to surprise my boyfriend with boudoir images. Although I have done several boudoir shoots in the past, this one was very different for me as I decided to photograph myself. I knew this would be a challenge but was excited by the learning opportunity. Self-portraits are a difficult art form since you cannot see what you are shooting, the focus is slightly a guessing game, and there is no one directing your movements. 

Below is a glimpse of some of the shots that resulted from this journey. Putting forth my own vulnerability to share such a personal project, I hope to inspire self-acceptance and create a safe space for any woman considering boudoir. Far too often I hear healthy, amazing, accomplished, and attractive women speaking very poorly of themselves. It breaks my heart that women believe their physical appearance defines who they are. To me, beauty comes from being true to yourself and being confident with that :) 

Besides the added bonus of seeing the expression on my boyfriends face, I truly cherished this experience for myself and challenge other photographers, or anyone, to try the same! 

xoxo, Annika