Annika RoserComment

Sensual Shoot

Annika RoserComment

Mrs. A does not like New Years Resolutions. Instead, she picks a single word that is representative of how she wants to experience the upcoming year. For 2015, her word was "sensual." With this in mind, Mrs. A jumped at the opportunity to snag our Gilt promotion that ran in early 2015, and started planning her boudoir shoot with us.

We absolutely love this idea! It is such a wonderful way to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace a new side of yourself. And although the shoot was a gift to herself, Mrs. A also knew that it would be a nice treat for her husband as well :)

This shoot features some classic lingerie choices, with little elements of flare like the leather jacket and purple hat. Simple gold accents, such as the body chain and owl necklace, perfectly complement the outfits.

Check out the photos below!

Photos by Annika

Styling by Kristen Postle