Time To Dress Up & Explore

Happy Halloween! 

Who doesn't love the opportunity to dress up and take on a role that we normally don't get to be?! I think this playful side is even more important as we become adults, and have more and more responsibilities to worry about. 

Halloween allows us girls to dress a bit more revealing than we usually might, without feeling insecure or like we will be judged. In a lot of ways Halloween gives us the freedom to explore ourselves in a new light, just as boudoir does. The freedom and joy to play and explore who you are outside of your everyday life. 

Here is a recent shoot with the gorgeous Mrs. M, who took advantage of diving into different looks from colorful and playful, to dark and sexy. She even did a fun spiderweb themed set for a little halloween inspiration! 

So what is your favorite thing to dress up as?


PS. See the video of Mrs. M's shoot below!