It’s All About The Memories

As we near the end of the year, and we start talking about the holidays, it seems like a good time to ponder on memories. What are your most cherished and favorite memories? Do they include some special times spent with parents? Or maybe a favorite vacation? Your wedding day, perhaps? In the end, all we have are memories.

We get to constantly add to our memory banks- that’s the joy of life. And having a boudoir photo shoot needs a place in your memory bank! Boudoir is all about the experience. It’s fun, tantalizing, and personal. And it’s all about you. Think about it - we spend so much of our time serving others, we each deserve something special, designed just for us. What other experience could be as empowering, bold, and sexy as a boudoir photo shoot, just for you?

Those that have had a boudoir photo shoot with us say it was one of the most amazing, and fabulous experiences of their lives. That gives us so much joy! This is one of the reasons we do what we do.

When you reach that front porch rocking-chair stage of life, your future 80-year old self is going to thank you for all you did to make yourself feel valued and important. Don’t let yourself regret on missing out on the special memory of boudoir. It’s a gift you won’t just give yourself once, but over and over as you relive those magic moments of your photo session.