How To Have a Seamless Boudoir Experience

You’ve decided on doing a boudoir photo session - it’s time to celebrate! You’re in for the time of your life. But how do you know you’ll have an amazing experience that’s personal, memorable, and fun?  Consider these tips as you’re preparing for your own personal shoot, and the let the anticipation kick in!

Tip #1: Reach out to a couple of photographers first.

When researching possible studios, ask yourself some questions - Have you found a photographer that you truly connect with? Do you trust them and feel safe with them? Make sure that you build a great relationship first. This is of the utmost importance in making sure you’ll love your photo session. With all of my new clients, I spend a lot of time getting to know you first, discussing your reasons for doing a photo shoot with me, and all the details for your budget, style, and preferences. I want you to feel confident, empowered and beautiful with your very own personal boudoir session.

Tip #2: Learn from the pros about the experience.

A boudoir photo session is all about the incredible experience - and prepping for the photo shoot is part of the fun. When we have our consultation, we walk through the whole process together. I truly take the time to educate my clients on what makes a photo shoot amazing. I’ll share my vast knowledge with you about wardrobe, styling, the photo shoot process, etc so that this will be a venture unlike any other. Let me work my magic - and let this be your time to dream!

Tip #3  Don’t get stuck in a photo rut

When it comes to planning for your style, of course, bring your ideas. I want to know what you’re interested in. But stay open-minded. Don’t lock into the same few photos that you find on Pinterest. Be willing to explore the range of new poses and styles! My goal is to make you look absolutely stunning. Experimenting during your photo shoot may just result in some photos you love.

Boudoir photography is a truly elegant experience, and I want you to love our time together! You’ll thank yourself for taking time to research the studio that’s the best fit for you, and hopefully it’s mine! But no matter what, selecting a boudoir photographer that matches your desires is the most important thing. Contact me for more information on how this pampering can be yours in no time.