Don’t YOU deserve a fabulous New Year??

It’s December - it’s celebration time! December means holidays, spending time with friends and family, and all the sparkle of the season. We LOVE to celebrate, shop for, and spend time with others.

But in all the holiday fun, remember that it’s also a time to celebrate the wonderful YOU. Or...have you forgotten?? It’s easy to overlook ourselves when we’re busy gift-hunting for others.  In all the hype of the season, don’t neglect planning a special reward, just for you, at the end of all the festivities. We want you to have an incredible year next year. Here’s our suggestions for a 2017 worth remembering:

Take time out just for you

Too often we tend to put ourselves last. We tend to our work, to those in our family circle, to friends, and chores, and more, often forgetting there’s a VIP beneath all those tasks. There’s more to life than this! What’s on your agenda for next year that allows you to divert some energy back to #1? Put TIME at the head of your list. Time for bubble baths, for reading your favorite book, taking a yoga class, you get the picture. Shut the clock down at least once a day, just for you.

Go glam

Allowing a bit of glamour in your life is a must for 2017. No, I’m not talking about wearing a cocktail dress to work each day! Look for ways to bring back some romance and mystique that you may have forgotten. Try these fun ideas: Those absolutely gorgeous shoes? Buy them, you know you deserve them. Also, why not try wearing your favorite perfume daily? Or, make movie night a private affair for you and your sweetie - and maybe bring along some chocolate dipped strawberries...

Make this YOUR year to be fierce and fabulous

If you really want to make next year meaningful, do something bold and exciting that’s especially for you. What better way to celebrate yourself than with the luxurious and sensual experience of having your very own boudoir session?

Boudoir is the stuff of dreams - you’ll feel amazing and pampered as you plan your boudoir session. From the one-on-one consulting you’ll receive, to the wardrobe planning, to the fun you’ll have in exploring options on your mood board, your boudoir photo session will be the gift of the year. Your inner bombshell beauty is waiting to break free, and we’re ready to capture it! Book a session with us soon, let us help you celebrate the gift of YOU!