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Why Boudoir?

Annika RoserComment

Women love to do boudoir shoots as a wedding gift to their future spouse. In fact, boudoir photography has become one of the most popular wedding presents out there these days! But there are so many other wonderful reasons why women choose to do a shoot.

Boudoir encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin, to embrace what you love about your body and your style and show it off. It is all about celebrating who you are at this point in your life.

Many women choose to do boudoir shoots to celebrate landmark birthdays. Others do a shoot after they have lost weight, to show off all of their hard work. Some clients even find boudoir to be a source of relief when moving on from a breakup or divorce. These are moments in life when it is so important to love yourself, and that is the mantra of boudoir photography.

If you think it is time for you to celebrate yourself and your body, contact us to set up a shoot! :)