Nude Lips The Right Way

When it comes to looking sexy, everyone thinks of a bold, red lip. Red lips scream confidence and a total sex kitten.  Everyone should have that perfect red lip color in their makeup bag but don’t forget about the classic nude lip! It can be just as sexy with a smokey eye or even a natural makeup look. The best part is you can take it from a daytime look to a nighttime look in seconds! 

A great nude lip color is something that every woman should have as a staple in her makeup collection. Something that is easy to swipe on whether you are running errands or going out for a night on the town!


Photo not taken by Ma Cherie Studios 

Photo not taken by Ma Cherie Studios 

If you haven’t found that perfect nude shade yet, don’t worry! I promise it is out there.  A great guide is going by your natural lip color and not by your skin tone. Look for a shade that will either match your lips or is a shade darker. Nude lipsticks have been around forever and they are becoming more and more popular. Whether you love lipsticks, lip stains or even gloss, there is something for everyone!