Summer Trend- The High Waisted Panty

With a new season among us, there are so many new trends coming our way. One trend that is here to stay- and getting bigger by the day- is the high waisted panty.  The catwalk has been full of high waisted bottoms totally inspired by the 50s. They are the complete opposite of a G – String, but not to be ruled out on the sexy scale by any means! 

They may cover more but they show off your curves in such a flattering way. They highlight the legs, bum, and waist.  You may feel like they are total granny panties when holding them up, but do not let that discourage you from trying on a pair! Plus they are now coming in sexy designs, and many variations of lace designs!  If you have a small or thinner frame they can add a little to your curves, and if you are on the curvier side they can even help hide areas you are self conscious about. Either way, these bottoms are ones to try! 

Of course panty lines are always a concern when it comes to bigger briefs. However with the new designs out now, they are made from silk or satin to create a very seamless and line free look. 

Have fun exploring all the different styles! Some of our favorite for these are: 

For Love And Lemons- perfect boho look! 

American Apparel- don't be afraid to use swimsuit bottoms for your shoots! 

Victorias Secret

Etsy shops- this is one of our favorites!