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Painting My Vintage Chaise Lounge

Annika RoserComment

I love my soft pink chaise lounge and have used in many many shoots. But after deciding to move, it just did not match its environment anymore. I looked into reupholstery options and considered selling it too. However, none of those idea were right for me so I decided to research more about painting furniture.

For a couple years now I have heard many people talking about this, and know many other boudoir photographers who have successfully done it. The most helpful blog I found on how to do this right was from Eleven Magnolia Lane. I followed her instructions, and the paint she used (it worked out since I wanted to paint mine grey as well!). If you plan to follow her directions too, just make sure you account for the type of fabric you are painting as well as the size of your piece. My chaise lounge took a ton more paint than her chair! 

Here is the before shot of the chaise: 

And once I got to painting.....started to panic about my decision right around the second image! 

But after three coats of paint, here is the finished product. I am so happy with it!  

The fabric is pretty stiff now, and feels a bit like patio furniture. I do have to break in the seat cushion a little more, but I am noticing how much more flexible it is becoming everyday. Really happy I went for this and was able to find such a helpful post to guide me through it all.  

If you are thinking about doing this with your furniture- go for it! 

xoxo, Annika