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If Loving Me Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right!

Annika RoserComment
If Loving Me Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right!

I had the pleasure of meeting Binja at a recent Boston Business Women conference. She is one of the gals who runs the amazing site Fearless Self. Check them out when you have a chance as there are many useful tips and insights! But to get things started off, let's talk a bit about self-love (a topic very near and dear to my heart!). Here's what the Fearless Self gang had to say about it: 

Many times in life we are hell bent on giving love to others or waiting on other people to love us, that we often forget the most important thing which is: to love our damn selves! I’m often saddened by some of the people I come across who do not know the meaning of self-love or who simply choose to neglect their own needs and remain in unhealthy situation-ships.  

When I ask them when was the last time they did anything for themselves or truly knew what made them happy, they often look at me and say “I do not know how to care for myself or I’m not sure what makes Jane Doe happy.” I’m not saying that this is everyone, but a lot of people have little to no knowledge of what it means to love one’s self or to care for their own emotional needs. With this realization, here are three helpful tips on how to love your authentic self before you look for genuine love in another person.

1.      Accept Your Authentic Self: we’ve all experienced some levels of emotional pain or failures in life which often leads us to being our own biggest critics.  It’s important that when you find yourself being harsh or cruel because you think that you are not enough or you can’t ever do something right, to take a step back and focus on your many strengths. When we focus on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses,, it’s easier to let go of any self-hatred or judgements. And when we stop comparing ourselves to our friends, family or even strangers; it’s easier to accept our true authentic self.

2.      Relax and Take A Chill Pill: you know what they say, ‘no one is perfect’ and that can’t be any truer. I have yet to meet a person walking on this earth without any flaws or who has never made any mistakes in life. I mean if you have, please send them my way!. It’s important that you stop being  so anal about life. There’s no reason to want to be number one at everything. Sometimes our lives don’t turn out the way we want; whether it’s the career you are waiting for or the perfect relationship. Everything will happen when it supposed to and how it’s supposed to. So give yourself a break when you are feeling sad or when you hit some low points in life---Embrace the journey!

3.      Practice self-Love: focus on self-love. Indulge in things that feed your entire being in a positive way:

  • Practice having compassion towards yourself.
  • Practice the law of attraction,
  • Learn to be alone,
  • Allow yourself to believe in YOU!
  • Write down your feelings and emotions in a diary or journal it can be therapeutic at times.
  • Every day, wake up telling yourself how beautiful you are, how capable you are, and how enough you are. 
  • Be more aware of who your authentic self is.

The road to self-love and self-discovery starts with learning to let go of any thoughts of self-hatred and loving who you are. When you do this, you will find out just  how much you never needed anyone to complete you! 

This post is courtesy of the awesome ladies from The Fearless Self. They also recently did a post about me and why people do boudoir shoots.  Check it out for more inspiration and continued education of self love! 

xoxo, Annika