Bra Care 101

We wear bras everyday for many hours throughout the day. From everyday wear and tear to our washing routines, they can get beat up pretty fast. And let's be real, buying new bras every few months sometimes just isn't in the budget! Here are a few of my favorite tips for taking care of your bras.

We all have that favorite bra that we wish we could just wear every single day. Having a few bras to rotate through will actually help your bras last longer. If you love a certain bra, buy it in a few different colors! Not only will help your bras stay nicer longer, but changing your bras daily will help them not stretch out as much. 


Most bras should be hand washed instead of being put through the washer machine. Baby shampoo is great because it is so gentle, but if you prefer to use detergent, look for one with no alcohol and hang to dry. 

It's usually an ongoing joke about getting home and whipping off your bra, but it can actually be good for your bra! If you wear your bra for 14 hours every single day, they are just not going to hold up for a long time. Most bra's last about a year so the nicer you treat it, the longer you will have it!