3 Top Tips to Stay Inspired

As the cold weather rolls in, it's easy to get thrown off of your normal everyday schedule. You may not want to get up early to work out, stay in bed snuggling instead of getting a few things done before work and just losing motivation to check off your to do list. Don't let the weather throw you off of your girl boss motivation. Here are a few tips to get you inspired!


Sleep is so important to keep you focused throughout the day. Make sure you are not staying up really late because it will make waking up that early alarm clock that much harder. When you get enough sleep, you feel better throughout the day, you can focus more on the task at hand and that is only a few benefits! 


Plan out your day. Write out the top 3 tasks that you want to get accomplished that day. It will help you see on paper what really needs to get done throughout the day and what you want to accomplish within the next week or month. Don't forget to take a few breaks throughout your work day to give your mind a rest.

Indulge a Little

Don't forget to treat yourself! If you accomplished your top 3 tasks, treat yourself to lunch outside, or an after work drink with a coworker. Taking time to enjoy the little things is so important. Set some time aside every single day to relax and do something that enjoy! You will be so thankful that you set aside some time just for you.