Loving Your Body

Loving your body is something that most women struggle with at one point or another. With social media now a days, it is so easy to compare ourselves to others, worry about weight, and pick apart what we don’t like about ourselves.  We admire others and their beauty but we forgot to realize our own beauty. Here are a few tips to start loving your body now, just the way it is.

Wearing clothes that compliment and fit your body is key to feeling confident in your body. If you are trying to squeeze into pants that are too small or too big, you won’t be able to see the curves that you love! Donate the old clothes or put them under your bed so they are not a constant reminder. Don’t think about the size of the clothing pieces, think about how well they fit you!

Don’t put your life on hold for when you have the body that you want. If you keep saying that you will do things after you lost 20 pounds, you may never get there! Start living today. Start scratching off those things on your bucket list. Do it now because you will regret missing out on these opportunities later on.

Loving Your Body

Diets can really hurt us when all we can think about is the foods we shouldn’t have. Think about a lifestyle change instead of just a diet. Instead of restricting yourself from treats, try making some healthy versions of the treats that you love. That way you are not restricting yourself from the foods that you love. Think about all of the things that you can have, not the things on the do not eat list.

Try not to think about your fitness in terms of weight. Think about all of the things you are able to do. Instead of making weight goals, try making goals like getting your first pull up or push up, moving up in weights, etc.

We do amazing things every single day and we forget just how beautiful we really our. What we forget is that there is no one out there just like us.  Our bodies carry us through our days, to work, to meetings with friends and so much more. Loving your body today is so important.