My Top 2 Winter Boudoir Session Ideas

With cold weather finally here, the last thing you may be thinking about is a boudoir shoot. So many of my clients want to do sessions during the summer, when they are nice and tan and have the summer body they worked so hard to get. But just because the cold weather has rolled around, it doesn't mean that you can't flaunt those curves! 

Cozy Accessories

Winter sessions are actually really fun. There are so many different elements that you can add in. Cozy accessories are always a fun element to add to your session. Think sweaters, blankets and even a scarf or beanie! They keep you warm when it's cold but they can also add in a super sexy element to your shoot. They give off a cozy but sexy feel and the best part? You can wear the accessories over and over again throughout the season.  


Get Festive

Boudoir shoots make really personal and fun Christmas gifts for your special someone. You can even make your whole theme based around the holidays. Add in fun accessories like wrapped gifts, Christmas lights, or event some fun holiday decor. The possibilities are endless. Your sweetie will be so shocked on Christmas morning when he opens up his gift. And you don't have to tell him that even though it was a gift for him, it really was a gift for yourself too!


If you have been thinking of doing a boudoir shoot but haven't yet, don't let the season stop you! Winter sessions add in so many different accessory options and allows you to get creative during your shoot.