Bridal Boudoir 101

The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year… get engaged!!

Seriously, it’s the best. It’s romantic, festive, and the whole world seems to celebrate with you. My congrats if it’s happening to you!

If you’re newly engaged, and your mind is racing about all the fun things you can do during the short but important period of engagement, think about this... the gift of Bridal boudoir is the most romantic, sensual, and personal gift you could give to your partner. It’s a gift that only you can give, and it will be something you and your sweetheart will cherish for years to come. If you’re a bride to be, this is your lucky day, because I've got some tips for you to guide you through making this your gift-of-choice to your partner-of-choice.

When planning a gift of Bridal Boudoir, while also planning a wedding, you can probably guess that timing is of the essence. In order to maintain peace in your life you’ll want to book your appointments REALLY early.  I typically recommend 6-8 weeks for a normal boudoir session, but for brides, you’ll want to book even earlier. Wedding season is a particularly busy time for me, so giving yourself extra time is indeed the best plan. The ins and outs of planning a wedding are stressful enough, so the last thing you want to do is stress about your bridal boudoir gift being done in time. In addition, wedding costs add up quickly, so getting on a payment plan while still having your images available before your wedding date is a big relief that you’ll thank me for.

Bridal Boudoir

Wedding planning means that you’ll have an assortment of bridal attire accessories that you can use in your boudoir shoot! This is just as fun as wearing them on your wedding day, because YAY! you can wear those gorgeous pieces of jewelry, wedding heels, veil, or garter with me too! Isn’t this the most perfect shoe/jewelry dress rehearsal ever?? Plus, It’s a great way to get another use out of those special, once-in-a-lifetime treasured purchases. Be sure to consult with me on the pieces that you’d like to include; I think it’s a great idea for you to bring your bridal accessories, so let’s come up with a plan just for you.

Thinking about how to give the gift of bridal boudoir photos to your spouse-to-be? It’s really fun to think about the presentation! There are so many ways you could gift your photos. Many people choose to present them in an album, which you could give to your partner the night before the wedding, or leaving it in his room to find on the day of the wedding (and what’s also cool is to have a photographer/videographer there to capture their reaction!).

Some clients even like to do a teaser photo and give their partner a sneak peak either before or on the day of the wedding, and then have the album or book as their main gift to follow later, and then open it up together.

Bridal Boudoir

Or, consider giving it as a honeymoon gift. Once all the stress of the wedding is behind you and it’s time to just focus on you as a couple, it would be an awesome gift to give on your honeymoon travels. What a perfect moment it could be, to give your album or book when you’re alone together on a sandy beach, or cuddled together in a small Parisian coffee shop. Whatever your honeymoon destination, it’s a wonderful gift to give on location. Plus, it travels well. :)

You certainly will want to give your wonderful fiance something just as wonderful. The gift of a bridal boudoir album is the perfect gift you can enjoy together, because it’s really for the both of you. Your sweetie will be astounded at the photos, and a bridal boudoir photography session is one that YOU’LL personally treasure forever, as a spectacular part of your wedding plans. It’s a gift for yourself, too!