Boudoir as a Christmas Gift Idea

Coming up with a gift every year for your sweetie can be so difficult. I know each year it gets a bit harder for me to come up an idea that will really knock his socks off. Boudoir sessions can be a really great gift for your partner. I can promise you they definitely won't be suspecting a thing and will be totally shocked to open it on Christmas morning. 


From wall art to prints, there are so many different options. You can keep it more intimate with an album or even a USB drive or even put a glass cube on your fireplace. It is a timeless gift that is not a gift for your partner but a gift for you as well. During the session itself, you may start off a little shy but during our time together you will see just how beautiful and confident you really are. And of course, we will have fun and chat the whole time! (That's totally a win win in my book!) 


Embrace your body how you are today. Celebrate it! I promise your partner will be so excited to open these super sexy photos of you and will want to sneak a peek at them all throughout the year ;)