3 Must Try Winter Lingerie Trends

With the cold weather finally here, fashion trends are changing and that includes lingerie. Seeing different patterns and textures season after season is so exciting for me. It changes up my client's sessions and I love to see what trends everyone is loving.Here are a few of my favorites that you can expect to see this winter  


Velvet lingerie is popping up everywhere and the trend is here to stay! From slips to high waisted thongs to even bralettes, there is a velvet piece for everyone's style. It's a nice change from lace and will give your session that winter feel. The velvet might seem a little scary to try on but don't be afraid! It's flattering and perfect for the holidays. 


Slip dresses

Slips are so timeless and they came in so many different styles now. They range from the classic slip to super sexy, it's all up to you and your style. You are sure to find a slip tht you will absolutely love. You can even find slips in different colors and textures, from silk to even lace. They are great for showing off your curves and of course, super comfortable!


Lace was super popular in the warmer months but now that the colder weather is here, satin is making a comeback in slips, bodysuits and more. From a boudoir perspective, having different textures are great for images! It can switch up the vibe of your session and satin is always a good idea!

I'd love to know what your favorite trend of the season is, be sure to comment below!