The Best Way To Care For Your Lingerie

Everyone has lingerie but no one talks about the correct way to care for it! I’m here to let you in on a few secrets to taking care of your undies and tips for making that gorgeous lingerie last longer!

As we all know, lingerie is so delicate. Most lingerie pieces are made of finer materials like lace or silk, which means they need to be treated differently then your favorite pair of jeans. The better you treat the material, the longer it will last.


For most bra’s, especially underwire bra’s, hand washing is so important. When you throw your bras into the washer machine, the wire warps over time. Ever had an annoying poke during the middle of the day? That pesky wire starts to poke through when it starts to warp. The good news is hand washing is fairly quick. It should only take ten minutes to wash and you can hang it up to dry.

Don’t over wash your bras. If you wash them too much, it can lead to wear and damage to the shape, structure and support. Be sure to rotate your bras so you are not over wearing your favorites. It’s best to have at least 3 in rotation. Bra’s can be washed every 5-7 wears and during warm weather months when you are sweating, 3-4 wears is best. 

Leave a few days in between wears. It will let the elastic readjust to the original shape. Bra’s have a job to do, to support the girls! If you wear them too often, the wire and elastic will start to sag.

Storing your Bras

Avoid folding your bras in half. When you put one cup into the other cup, it alters the shape of the bra. If you decide to store in a drawer, stack in row so cups fit into each other. Your bra’s will keep their shape longer and your drawer will look so cute and organized. You can also hang your bras on hangers in the closet. 


Underwear can be washed in the washer machine unless stated on the care directions. Be sure to put on the delicate cycle. For best results, use cold water. Cold water is best for avoiding shrinkage and unraveling. Be sure to use delicate detergent and put them a lingerie bag. Ring out the excess water and hang up to dry. The dryer and iron are not recommended. Unlike bras, underwear needs to be washed after every use. 


Normal detergent breaks down the fabric fibers more quickly which leads to you replacing your underwear more often. Delicate detergent preserves the fabric and lets them last longer.  If you can’t find delicate detergent in your local store, baby shampoo will work also but be sure to wash it in the sink so it doesn’t ruin your washer machine. 

Bodysuits, Babydolls, and Teddies

These come in many different materials that are extra sensitive to harsh soaps. If the material is silk, be sure to use a silk specific detergent when you are hand-washing it. Be sure to gently wash it but thoroughly. Rinse with cold water and air dry. These can be stored on hangers in the closet if you have the space! Be sure to check care instructions for each one!


Hosiery can snag easily. Wash in lukewarm water by hand. Be sure to separate by lights and darks to be safe. To dry, lay on a towel on a flat surface.


When in doubt for how to care for your lingerie, your best bet is to hand-wash. It is the safest method for each material and will help keep them looking like new so you can wear them more often!