5 Ways To Practice Self Care

It's important to take some time out of your busy day and focus on yourself. Even if it is just for a few minutes, you will notice a difference in how productive you are during the day. Here are 5 easy ways that you can practice self care every single day,


Taking some time in the morning or at night to write down your thoughts is so important when it comes to self-care. You don’t have to think of it as writing it in diary but just a place to write out your thoughts, your goals and even what you are grateful for. Writing out different aspects of your life can motivate you to go after your dreams or even realize that thing you have been stressing over isn’t as big of deal as you thought it was.

Go For A Walk

When you are stuck inside all day working, sometimes it can put you into a funk. You can’t think and you can’t focus. Getting out of your space and into nature will get you out of your funk. Whether it is a long walk with your dog or even just a quick walk on your lunch hour will get you your daily dose of vitamin d, get moving and help clear your mind.

Take a bath

Not only is taking a bath relaxing, but the warm water can actually reduce muscle pain. If you are tense from a tough day either at the office or even at the gym, the heat of the bath can actually relieve some of that pain. Not only is it great for pain relief, but also you can actually fall asleep faster and sleep better by taking a hot bath at night. Our bodies drop in temperature when we sleep. A great old trick to trick yourself into feeling sleepy is to get out of the bath and cool down for a while before you slip into bed. Be careful not to overheat though because you will end up getting more energy!

Close eyes and rest for 5 minutes

Sometimes you just need a few minutes to lie down and relax. During your busy day, find a few minutes that you can just close your eyes and decompress for a few minutes. Let anything that is stressing you out go. When you get back to work you will feel ready to take on whatever!

Write yourself a love letter

I know it may sound a little weird to write yourself a love letter but I swear it works. Write out a letter to yourself completely from the heart.  Write about your goals and how you are working towards accomplishing them. Write about the things you love about yourself. When you are having a particularly hard day, pull out this letter and take a few minutes to read it to yourself.  You will be reminded of how great you are and how much you are accomplishing in your life. 

Xoxo, Annika