Photo-shoot Ready Skin Care

When it comes to your boudoir shoot, having beautiful skin is a high priority. After all, your skin will take center stage! Waxing, shaving, and sun tanning are probably all skin treatments that have crossed your mind. What’s really going to make you look your best in the final proofs? Here are our tips for making your skin look its best on photo shoot day!

Tip #1: A week’s worth of rest

Give your skin time to relax. We recommend you leave at least a week from your last waxing session and/or exposure to sun before you have your boudoir shoot. This will allow your skin to rehydrate, rest, and refresh itself before its grand debut.

Tip #2: Color carefully

Speaking of sun - stay away from spray tanning. Spray tans tend to give skin an unnatural orange color, and are often too uneven in certain areas where the skin folds, such as elbows, underarms, back of the knee, and hands & feet. The camera also picks up color differently than we see with our eyes. You may not feel like the spray tan is orange, but the camera could pick up your skin tones differently!  Also, spray tans and sunless tanning creams can stain the inside of light colored lingerie. If you do choose to spend time getting golden either in the great outdoors or in a tanning bed, we recommend a one-week rest before your shoot. And keep in mind that a bad sunburn isn’t something photo-editing can fix. If this happens, moisturize and exfolation is key! 

Tip #3: Hydration is life

As with any good skin care regimen, water is your best friend. Don’t forget to always drink lots of water to rehydrate the skin, especially if you’ve spent time outdoors. Smoothing on moisture-rich lotions is also a great idea to help your skin look and feel amazing.

Taking good care of your skin will help you feel great and confident for your boudoir session, so use your best common sense. It’s true, there are a few photo tricks that can make your photos even better, but don’t fall into the photoshop trap - seriously, not everything can be photoshopped or airbrushed into perfection.  Those small human flaws and freckles are what make you unique - and serve to highlight your own true beauty. I can’t wait for you to book an appointment! Let’s showcase the real you soon.

Xoxo, Annika