Gift-giving ideas for your boudoir photos

Gift-giving ideas for your boudoir photos

Congrats - you’ve booked your boudoir session! Have you thought of giving your photos as a gift to YOUR special someone? It’s an amazing gift for the love of your life. This gift is truly personal, so ponder on the person who’s getting them. After all, it’s a present that can have an amazing impact on your romantic relationship! Here’s some ideas for how to present your boudoir souvenirs with a bow:

The Album Gift

An album or book is a fabulous way to present your photos. Let them see all of the styles, poses and wardrobe items you got to experience! Plus it has the added bonus of discretion - it lets you keep your photos private, if desired. Do you occasionally need to keep your photos hidden from public view, like out of sight from young children or guests? A book is a great way to give the gift and then tuck it away, and then pull it out again when inspiration strikes!

Boudoir album

It’s A Tech World

Maybe your SO’s not a book-lover and you feel like a book won’t have the impact or attention you intend. What about a digital album? Think about how fun it might be to slip a USB drive in his pocket, or lunchbox (with a YOUR EYES ONLY memo!). Or, surprise your beloved by adding the images to his personal computer as a screensaver. Just think of the reaction they’ll have in seeing you pop up on their screen!

Boudoir usb

Using Frames

Are you bold enough to decorate your walls with your boudoir photos? A wall collage of frames totally makes a statement, as long as you don’t mind the occasional visitor seeing your photos. Frame are an impressive way to showcase your pictures. Or, framing your photos needn’t be an entire wall. What about taking one or two of your favorites, and framing it as a bedside table display? This is a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face each morning as they wake up and see you.

Boudoir wall art

Many of our clients’ significant others are so impressed with receiving their photos as a gift that they just can’t stop looking at them. How will your SO react to this gift?? We think it’s a beautiful and classy way to remind you and your love of your boudoir experience. We want you to appreciate the experience, too. Ask us for details on our albums and print options, so we can help keep you inspired!