How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you are anything like me, your makeup brushes don't get the love that they should be. You should be washing your brushes on a regular basis to make sure they are clean and bacteria free. If you are using liquid makeup like foundation, blushes, etc. it is best to clean your brushes once a week. 

Since your makeup brushes are used on your face, you want to wash them with something that is gentle. If you have sensitive skin, you don't want to use something too harsh on your brushes. 

Makeup Brushes

A great way to wash your brushes is to use your shampoo and conditioner on them. It will cleanse your brushes and keep them soft and conditioned. You can also use a gentle face cleanser to wash them. Be sure to rinse the brushes fully so you get all of the soap out. Squeeze out all of the extra water and lay them flat till they dry. It is best to leave them out overnight to dry.

There are some great cleansing sprays out there that you can purchases instead of using your favorite shampoo. They are super easy to use - you just spray onto the brush and wipe on towel/paper towel until it completely wipes clean. It is another great way to get those brushes clean! 

You can use this same method for cleaning out the Beauty Blender or your favorite sponges.

If you are noticing some new breakouts, it may be time to clean those brushes! Try to clean them once a week for best results :)