Men's Accessories for Boudoir

Gifting a boudoir album or wall art to your sweetie is one of the most intimate gifts you can give your partner, why not include something of his in the session? Using men's shirts can be difficult because they are big, baggy and don't give much shape to our feminine waists. We want you to be showing off your body, not covering it! Here are a few items that are perfect for a boudoir session that can tie in your partner in a fitting way: 


Ties are an easy thing to snag out of the closet that he won't notice. They are perfect to use during the shoot, whether it is for adding with a button up shirt, tying your hands or even for going topless.

Ma Cherie Studios

Guitar (or other musical instrument)

Does your sweetie play an instrument? Bring it with you the day of! Using a guitar as a prop is a fun way to add in a personal touch that he will absolutely love. 

Military Items

If your sweetie was in the military (or is currently), he may have dog tags, hats, or even a flag around. There are so many different ways you can add these props in to make it super personal and sexy at the same time. 

If you have a session coming up and want to bring something of your sweeties, let us know! We can come up with something creative together :)