Be a Bombshell Everyday

What’s a bombshell, exactly? We use the term to describe a hot, sophisticated, alluring girl. It’s meant to be a woman so devastatingly gorgeous and sultry that she’s “the bomb.” You’ll find them in movies, posters, and on television, and you may find yourself wanting that charm and beauty. And you know what? You can have it! There’s nothing stopping you from being a bombshell everyday.

What makes up a bombshell? Here’s what you need:

  • The hair

  • The makeup

  • The clothes

Well, that’s just getting dressed each day.  But what do you need to DO to be a bombshell? It’s all about the attitude.

A bombshell is never shy. She’s confident, poised, and in control. Be proud of the woman you’ve become, and the life you live. You are amazing, just as you are! And everyone appreciates a woman who’s keeps her cool.

A bombshell knows how to be around other people. She speaks intelligently, but never condescending. She’s informed, yet polite. Let your sexiness show through your consideration for others in a conversation.

A bombshell is first and foremost, a lady. There’s a distinctive line between sexy and trashy. And a lady always knows what message she’s putting out there for others. Part of the allure of a bombshell is avoiding vulgarity, even when posing for her boudoir photo shoot. Classy at all times is the key.

A bombshell loves other people. Always have a compassionate voice and a listening ear. Think about the feelings of others, and always be willing to have a genuine heart-to-heart with someone about their own issues. Help others feel at ease, and they’ll see you as the leader that you are.

Need some fast tips to remember this each morning?

  • Always be alluring.  

  • Be beautiful inside and out everyday.

  • Create a calm and caring culture about you wherever you go.

These are the ABCs of sharing the incredible person you truly are. YOU’RE the bomb!