Lingerie Mood Ring

The lingerie choices we make daily and of course on special occasions, may reveal your inner mood. Your color choices speak volumes - Is there something you’re secretly trying to communicate? Don’t bother charting the stars - see what your choice in lingerie may say about you!


Red is the color of confidence. It’s warm, fiery, and spirited.  You can easily ignite the flames of passion with some red lace, or smooth satin. The contrast of color to your skin is amazing. A power color for sure, red is also royal and regal. You’ll command the room - others will sit up and take notice when you wear this most rich color.


A favorite of brides for sure, but definitely think beyond bridal when choosing white. White means patience, time, and attention. Giving your all to the moment is what you’re feeling, when you pick white for an evening stroll before bed. Don’t be afraid to experiment - even ivory and cream have a place within the white realm. Wear white in the during the summer months to match that warm sun-on-sand feeling.


Whether you wear one shade or gray or all 50, Gray takes a business-like approach to seduction. Gray is no-nonsense. This directly stated steel or stone color may hint at cold heart, but far from it - you’ve got a business plan for guiding others to love. Wear it like it’s your job, and your interest rates will soar!


Picture long walks on the beach, a clear blue sky, or a refreshing stream. Blue is nature’s cool color, and the color blue may hint at new beginnings, or the feeling of casual contentment. Choose blue according to the season - a pale blue may make you feel that first brush of springtime romance, while a darker royal or navy blue hints at cooler weather, and a slightly more daring encounter with love.


Black is the ultimate in sexiness and seduction. Imagine your most enticing fantasy, complete with candlelight and intimate thoughts. Black hints at the forbidden, the dark, and mysterious side of attraction. And the great thing about black is, it’s so tempting you can get away with wearing even the simplest of pieces. Anything can happen when you wear black. Are you the one preparing for the unexpected, or should he?

Patterns and Prints:

Can’t get enough romance? Print it out! Full of laughter and love, prints and patterns express your joy. Think of your favorite polka dots, florals, stripes, and beyond - if you can’t settle on one color, wear them all!  After all, we feel more than just one mood in any given day. Wear your heart on your sleeve by wearing the most colorful and fabulous prints you can find, and that smile you wear will be genuine.