Tips for Drinking More Water

Staying hydrated is so important for our health, but it can be hard to drink water when there are so many other options out there! Remember though, our bodies are mostly made up of water so it's important to drink plenty of it on a daily basis. Here are a few tips for staying hydrated! 

Start Small

If you set huge goals, there are is a large chance you won't finish your water goals for the day. Start with a small goal and increase it every week. For example, if you are used to drinking one small glass of water a day, try upping it to two or three everyday for a week. If you start small, you are more likely to hit your goal!

Start Early

Try drinking some water before your morning coffee or tea. Don't leave all of your water intake to the end of the day because it can be just too much! Start early in the day and try to drink water throughout so it doesn't overwhelm you at the end of the day.

Flavor It

Plain water get can get boring after awhile! Get creative with your water and start adding in a slice of lemon or lime to flavor it. You can even add fruit into it if you want it to have a little sweet flavor! (Watermelon and strawberries are some of my favorite!) 

Trick Yourself

If you are a soda lover, you might want to switch out your soda for a seltzer water. It can make you feel like your drinking a soda while also adding in a few ounces to you water goal for the day! Adding some fruit to seltzer water is another way to transition from the sweetness of soda! 

Water Bottle

Treat yourself to a new water bottle that you totally love. Instead of constantly buying a plastic water bottle, buy one you can reuse over and over again. Not only will you save money - you will also get a cute new water bottle out of it + help the planet!

Drinking more water is so good for your body. Staying hydrated helps you look younger with hydrated and plumper skin. It can prevent premature aging of your major organs and can even eliminate toxins inside your body.  Plus, if you have a photo-shoot coming up, hydration will be key for glowing camera-ready skin!