Date Night At Home Ideas

When you are dating someone new or even in a long term relationship, planning date nights each week can get expensive, and you can run out of ideas fast. It can be tiring doing the same thing week after week. So here are a few ideas that are budget friendly, and best part is you can do them right at home!

Movie Night

Date Night Ideas

Who doesn't love movie nights? Get your favorite snacks together and put them in bowls so they are easily accessible. Grab your favorite drinks, snacks and blanket and snuggle on the couch for movie night!

Wine & Beer Tasting

Go to your local liquor store or craft beer store and grab new flavors you have never had before. You can set up your own tasting in your kitchen or in your living room. Put on your favorite music, grab your favorite snacks and get to tasting!


For a relaxing date night outside, set up a picnic at sunset. When you are done eating, put down an extra blanket and a pillow and spend the night stargazing. If you bring extra blankets you can use them if it gets a bit chilly!

Cook Together

Date Night Ideas

Pick a recipe that may be a bit more complex than what you are both used to. Spend some quality time in the kitchen cooking up a delicious dinner. You will have fun and you will learn a new recipe. And who doesn't love eating delicious food?!

Blind Taste Test

Pick out some fun foods together like peanut butter, ice cream, etc. that can be easily fed to each other. Get creative with it and see if you can pick out foods that the other will not guess. Blindfold each other and see who can guess the most correctly!

Game Night

Date Night Ideas

Who doesn't love game night? Pick out your favorite games and challenge each other to a few games! You can place a fun bet on who wins, like who gets to do the dishes tomorrow ;) 

What are some your favorite date night at home ideas?!