Tips to Get Rid of Headaches

Oh headaches...they are the worst! They can be completely crippling and make a good day go bad, very quickly. Here are a few tips to help fight off that headache pain!

Drink tons of water! Most people do not get enough water daily so sometimes when you are dehydrated, headaches can be the result from it. Try drinking a few glasses of water and see if it starts to go away. 


Hop in the shower and make sure the water is fairly hot. If your neck and back are really tense, it can cause you to get a headache. Make sure the hot water hits those areas so that it will help loosen up the muscles.

Step away from the computer and TV. Take some time to get out of your work area and go outside. Sometimes stress can get the best of us, so taking some time to go for a walk and sit outside can help relieve those tension headaches. 

Grab a cup of coffee. If you haven't had your daily cup of joe yet and you are a usual coffee drinker, your body may be going through withdrawal. Having a cup of coffee also helps bring blood vessels back down to their normal size, and since headaches are usually from the blood vessels expanding, this is a necessary treat! 

Hope these help! Have any of your own tips? Then please share below!

Cup of Coffee