The Pros of a Winter Boudoir Session


Usually when clients think of boudoir, they think about being tan, warm weather and in the best shape possible. While I absolutely love summer shoots, there is something about winter sessions that just get me excited. It takes on a different approach of sexy. 


When cold weather rolls around, there are all kinds of fun accessories like scarves, beanies, cute mugs, and more you can add to your session!  Some can be used for a super cozy approach or you could use candles and a fireplace for a bit more risque photos. 


No tan lines

I for one LOVE being tan in the summertime. It makes me feel alive again after a long cold winter. But, sunburns and awkward tan lines are no fun. Once the tan lines fade and your skin goes back to your natural color you may be a little bummed, but I promise it's okay. There is something that is just so natural and sexy about it. It's a time to just appreciate who you are in your body and embrace that natural skin! Plus there is always photoshop to add a nice glow back to the skin (in case you feel a little too pale!).


Did you know that layers can be oh so sexy? Winter sessions call for more layers and cozy blankets. You can do different poses and show off different parts of the body by covering up certain parts and exposing others. Instead of baring it all at once, show little by little. When your sweetie sees your photos, they will be dying to see what's under that blanket!

Xoxo, Annika