Why Boudoir?

Have you ever dreamed of doing a boudoir photo shoot, and then immediately thought of all the reasons why you shouldn’t? Are you telling yourself that your body is imperfect, and that you’ve got flaws and flesh in the wrong places?  Yes, It’s so easy to compare our blemishes to other’s (supposed) perfection. Social media does us no favors for our self-esteem sadly...

But this must end! We ALL have things about ourselves that we’d like to change, but the truth is that we should love the body we’ve each got. Life is a gift, and our bodies are beautiful! Taking time to appreciate yourself is a step towards a happier, more healthy you. Boudoir photography is a celebration of yourself and bringing your self-confidence forward. It will do wonders for changing your own view of your beauty, too. We can prove it, but it’s up to you to make the first move. Don’t talk yourself out of trying this amazing experience. Make the decision to improve your self-image by realizing that you’re worth it!!

After her session, a recent client sent us this email:

"Everything looks great!! I couldn't resist and I gave it to my fiancé a little early. His jaw dropped the moment he saw the first picture-- he literally had no idea and didn't realize it was me! He said this was so much better than that watch he wanted. :)

Thank you again for everything!! This has been the best experience and I'm considering doing another session with you in the future (maybe a pregnancy session when that time comes). This has made me appreciate my body so much more. Thank you!!"

Not ready for a shoot just yet, or still have a little time bit of time before your session day? Well, here are a few other tips for how to love yourself today:

  • Give yourself a few extra seconds in the mirror to look yourself in the eye and smile. Practice it daily, and you’ll have your smile ready to go when needed.
  • Add something new (even if it’s small) to your wardrobe. A new pair of earrings, shoes, or a scarf can help freshen your outlook on getting dressed.

  • Smile at a stranger. It will make you feel amazing, for spreading some cheer! It might seem strange at first, but try it.

  • When buying groceries tonight, grab a flower, or a small bouquet, just for you. You’re worth it, and it will improve your mood in an instant when you get ready to see your loved ones at home.

  • Call or text a friend that you miss just to let them know you’re thinking of them. You’re sure to get an equally loving response that will make your day.

Flower Bouquet