The Best Apps for Meditation

Being busy and stressed seems almost like the way of life in 2017. Everyone has a million things going on and it is so important to just take a few minutes for yourself each and everyday. It helps you relax, focus, and take on the day. Here are a few of my favorite meditation apps that you can download straight to your phone. 



Headspace is an awesome app for people who are new to meditation. It completely walks you through it and helps you relax during the ten minutes. They have 10 newbie programs that last 10 minutes. Once you have completed the ten programs, it allows you to purchase other meditation exercises. 


Calm is a free app that with guided meditation. The exercises range from 3 to 25 minutes. hey also have a daily ten minute program to either start or end your day. They have sleep stories, breathing exercises and so much more. It's a great app to help you relax!

nsight Timer

Insight is a free app that has over 4,000 free guided meditation from over 1,000 meditation professionals. It allows you to customize your intervals through a timer so that you can make a program that fits your needs.

These are my go to apps to use when I want to spend some time meditating. Be sure to comment below with your favorite!