Why Professional is Better

In a world where literally everyone has a camera on them at all times, you might find yourself asking “Why bother hiring a professional photographer anymore?”

To answer this in one sentence—and yes, this is blunt: just because someone holds a camera doesn’t mean they’re a photographer. A professional photographer is committed to their craft. They’ve done the work of studying lighting, camera settings, angle, focus, and all those details that the average cell phone owner takes for granted.


True, you can get some stellar photos with your camera phone, if you’re lucky, but most of the time those fancy photos still come from someone with an experienced eye. When you’ve got a moment that really matters, always trust someone who has the ability to draw from what they’ve learned to capture the emotion, the depth, and the meaning of the event. Take it from anyone who’s had their cousin shoot their wedding: when the cake is eaten and the dress is laid away, the only thing that’s left are the photos, and it’s heartbreaking when the photos aren’t amazing.

You can also count on a true photographer to have a certain level of professionalism about the task at hand. A professional wants their customer to have an amazing experience, so they’re going to help orchestrate your photo session, whether it be a wedding, a family photo shoot, a boudoir photo session, or a commercial business shoot. Think of the last time you had an actual photographer take a picture of you. Did it feel like they were helping to guide the experience?  Were they able to tell you how to stand, where to face, what to adjust or fix on your outfit, or how to lean-in to make you look great? On the flipside, have you ever had a friend just snap a picture for you? There’s a difference! While I’m sure your friend is great and obliging, they’re not invested in the moment like someone who’s got a reputation and a business of aesthetics is.


One of biggest reasons a professional photographer is the best choice is that choosing a photographer means that you’ll be able to choose a style to match what you’re looking for. Photographers each have their own style, experience, personality, and abilities. Much like choosing a favorite painter, a photographer will have certain qualities that you admire for their ability to record and preserve the moments that hold value for you. And keep in mind that photography extends beyond just photo shoot day. The editing process is extensive, and an experienced professional knows how to draw out the color, images, and setting that help round out an amazing image.

When you need a professional plumber, you know it. When you need medical advice, you make an appointment to see your doctor. An important photograph should be the same - when the moment matters, make sure you’ve got a photographer who has experience to make you look fantastic. Think about your end goal, too. Anyone can take a bad photo, but that’s not what you’re going for. If you want to capture amazing memories, faces, and events, investing in a professional photographer is the smartest decision you can make!