Nerves Are Normal

Being nervous for your first boudoir experience is expected. It is such an intimate experience that you are about to do, from the reason you are doing it to the pieces that you pick, the session is all about you! Stripping down can be intimidating and overwhelming, which is completely understandable! I promise that nerves are normal. 


One of the reasons that I love being so involved in the planning process for your shoot is to get to know you and your personality. From the poses to the colors of your lingerie, I want the whole entire session to be an expression of yourself. Whether this is a gift for your or for a partner, it is an experience that you will never forget. I want this experience to be the best possible experience for you! Feeling relaxed and confident will help your body relax in the photos and will make your session be so much fun!

If you are nervous, don't worry. It's expected! Being nervous is normal. Once you get in front of the camera, your nerves will turn into confidence. You will leave the studio a different woman!

It's a great way to pamper yourself, see how sexy you really are and show off that confidence that you know you have.