Boudoir On A Budget

One of my favorite things about boudoir is that you can completely customize the session to you. From the lingerie to the products, it’s all about what you want, the mood you are going for and of course, your budget. There is nothing saying that you have to spend a fortune when booking a boudoir session.

I always encourage my clients to think about their session and their budget before booking so you can plan for it. From the props to what you wear, there are so many ways that you make your session unique to you. I wanted to put together a few tips in case you are thinking about booking a session soon! 

Plan Ahead

I always recommend planning ahead when it comes to booking a session. Knowing your budget beforehand will help you plan your session accordingly. Sometimes, clients will often forget all the different aspects of a boudoir session. From the session fee itself to the lingerie to the products, you never want to be surprised by anything. I offer payment plans on all my products but keep in mind that products can only be sent to print and shipped when they are fully paid off.  If you have a specific date in mind for the products, be sure to let me know at the time of booking so we can give a little extra time, just in case. 


The best thing about lingerie is that there are literally options everywhere. Take a peek in your closet and see what you can use. From accessories to jackets, there are so many pieces that you can add that don’t have to cost you anything. Sweaters and robes are great for layering over lingerie and will give that outfit a different look. Accessories like scarves and jewelry add a little extra something to your session and may not have even thought about. You can even use some meaningful items like your wedding ring, your partner’s tie, etc. 

Boudoir on a budget

If you want to check out some lingerie stores, I recommend checking out the places that you shop normally. Check your inbox for any sales coming up or use one of the partnering stores that I always recommend. There are also a lot of budget friendly stores out there like Yandy, Asos, Fredericks of Hollywood, Amazon - just to name a few. 


I offer a huge range of products that range in price. I always recommend looking at your photos before setting your heart on a specific product. Think about what you want the images for, are they for a significant other or personal? Do you want the images displayed or easily hidden away? These are always things that I recommend thinking about during the purchasing session. You can always buy a few products now and purchase a few more months down the road. I always save your images for two months but I always get in touch before deleting your images. 

A boudoir session doesn’t have to break the bank! There are so many ways to stay in your budget. With a little bit of planning and a bit of creativity - there are endless ways to make the session work for your price range. If you have any questions - feel free to reach out me at