Why You Should Do A Couples Boudoir Session

Thinking about showing a little skin for your sweetie? A boudoir shoot can be such a meaningful gift but did you know that you can capture your relationship with a couples boudoir session? You may be thinking that it would be a little awkward but it can actually be a wonderful and romantic experience. It's the perfect way to capture your relationship in this moment and it's a memory the two of you can share forever. If you are thinking it's totally not your thing, don't shy away from the thought just yet. Here are a few reasons why you should do a session together. 

You Choose

The best part about boudoir is you get to choose how much skin you show and how risque you want it to be. Take sometime before your session to think about the theme you want around your session. From soft and romantic to sweet and playful to risque, the options are endless and you get to choose. You can always start the session off sweet to begin with and as you get more comfortable in front of the camera you can spice it up a little. 

Capturing This Moment


Being able to capture this moment in time forever is not something that many couples get to do. When you are old and grey, you can look back on the photos and reminisce about the experience and how much fun you had. You'll also get to see how amazing you really looked in front of the camera. Being able to capture the love you two for each other is so meaningful and fun and it's something you both will be able to remember forever. 

Experience It Together

With everyone's schedule being so filled and hectic these days, it's hard to spend a lot of one on one time with your significant other. You may have your weekly date night and grocery shopping planned but it's hard to schedule in some not so regular plans these days. Not only is it a great way to spend some together, from the session itself to all the planning that goes into it but it's about doing something exciting and exhilarating together.  The best part? It's your little sneaky secret that you did a boudoir session and you get to choose if you tell anyone. It's an experience that will bring the two of you together and spice up your relationship a bit.  

Thinking about doing a boudoir session or even a couple's session? Feel free to email me with any and all questions - I'm here to help!