Picking Your Products

Once you have your session, you may be thinking all about what products to purchase. I have had so many clients be so set on a product and then when they come in for their purchasing session, they can't decide! I always recommend waiting to 100% decide on your product until you see your images. The images will depict what you want, I promise! Sometimes you see an image and you just know that it would look amazing on your wall. Some images will look amazing as an ice print or in a glass box. 


After your session, I will schedule a purchasing session with you to look at your newly edited and beautiful images. This is where we will go through all of your images to find the ones that you love. Being able to see the images in person and see the products in person will help you figure out what you love and don’t love.  I always tell my clients to keep an open mind! You may be dead set on only ordering a few images but then have a hard time choosing and ordering more than you expected. Keep an open mind when it comes to the product or products that you want to order. Being able to see your images and see the style of the products will help you envision yourself on those products. 

If you are gifting the session to a loved one, knowing what types of images they love may even help you choose your product too! If you know they love wall art and have a space for it, you may want to keep that in mind when ordering. If you know that they want to keep the images more private, an album or a usb drive may be the perfect products for them. 

I always recommend knowing your budget before coming in. Take some time to look through the product guides before coming to the purchasing session. It will give you an idea on pricing before deciding on anything. I offer payment plans on all my products so if you love a product and it is above your budget, a payment plan is always an option too! 

Finally seeing your images is so exciting! Sometimes, you fall in love with all of the images and it makes choosing just too hard. Whatever product you end up choosing, I know you are going to absolutely love. I do hold onto your images for a few months after your session so if you end up wanting to order more, you always have that option.