Winter Clothing Hacks

The cold weather is finally here and if you are anything like me, dreading those cold snowy days! As much as I love sitting in front of a fire and drinking hot chocolate, you still have to go outside and live life on the daily. I wanted to share a few of my winter hacks to get you through the cold season and into the spring! 

Warm and Cozy

One thing I do love about winter is that being warm and cozy all the time is on trend and recommended on the daily. From warm jackets to scarves to fuzzy sweaters, the winter fashion scene screams adorable and cozy. Don’t be afraid to invest in some warmer pieces to get you through those extra cold days!



Leggings are not only a spring favorite but you can transition them into the winter as well. If they are nice and warm, try slipping them on under your favorite jeans if you plan on staying outside for awhile. The leggings will give you an extra base layer to keep your legs warm. 


We are used to the normal accessories like jewelry and bags but think about investing in some warm winter accessories like gloves, scarves and beanies. Having a few different pairs will let you switch them out if they are wet from snow or if you misplace any of them - and of course, you can match them with different outfits. 

Waterproof Shoes

One thing I highly recommend having for the winter is waterproof shoes. If you live in the Boston area, having something waterproof on your feet is so important. It snows pretty frequently so if you have wet, cold feet, you are probably not a happy camper. 


Feeling extra cold?! I love throwing my outfit into the dryer for a few minutes before I put them on. Not only do I not have to iron my clothes (win!) but they are nice and warm. It takes out that initial chill in the air and makes me feel warm and cozy. 

These are a few staple winter hacks that I live by each year. What are your favorite winter clothing hacks? Comment down below!