Mrs. S. Boudoir Experience

Mrs. S. came to me looking for not only a gift for her husband but for herself. She had been reading my newsletters for awhile and finally decided to book a session! Like most clients, she was a little nervous before the session. As soon as she stepped in front of the camera, she looked like a natural! You could tell that she was feeling more and more confident as the shoot went on. Her images came out nothing short of amazing and I can only imagine what her hubby thought!

What made you decide on doing a boudoir session? 

I love the female form in art, especially photography. Until a friend the same age and same stage of life - just turned 40 and has two kids over age five - showed me her images I had never thought of my own body as art. When I saw my modest friend’s beautiful images and heard about her experiences with Annika I realized how I could empower myself to use the session as motivation to get stronger and visually see my efforts transform into my own gorgeous images to display as art. I signed up for the newsletter and found myself looking at the images a lot! I finally reached out after about five newsletters and decided that the images could be a gift for my husband and for me and made the call. 

How did you decide on what to wear? Did you bring any meaningful accessories? Did the Pinterest board created for you help?

The Pinterest board was exceptionally helpful. I used it as a guide. The written guide was helpful too. Honestly, going to Nordstrom’s with a friend who is totally comfortable with her body and trying on items for her and two of the sales staff on a quiet Tuesday afternoon was the best way for me to get ready! They all had positive feedback and suggestions and bodies like mine so it felt like a dress rehearsal for the shoot itself! It helped me to own the experience and get excited.

Let's talk about the day of the shoot. Were you nervous before arriving? How did you feel being in front of the camera?

Yes, I was nervous; nervous that I wasn’t in shape enough, that I had little red bumps from waxing, that I would make weird faces because I felt awkward... all of those things happened and it was still a smooth experience that yielded gorgeous images! And the champagne helps. Also, the studio is cozy, the music is perfect for setting the mood and Annika has tips for not making weird faces that really work. 

Tell me about the experience you had during the session. Were the poses what you expected? Did you have fun? 

I felt at ease after the hair and makeup was done and I saw how amazing I looked. It was almost like putting on a costume and taking on the persona of this sexy character I hadn’t met in the daylight before. I thought I’d be a big ball of awkward, but Annika modeled everything and coached me through each pose - some of which felt strange at first, but after she showed me a few preview shots I could see it all coming together. I had my heart set on recreating an image Annika shared on my Pinterest Board that involved stairs, and since she doesn’t have stairs in her studio, she designed some other shots that highlighted my legs and I love those equally.

I always have to ask, were you sore the next day from the poses? 

A bit! 

What were your first thoughts when you saw your images? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

I was like, “is that really me?” Yes, I feel seductive and empowered. Now that I am telling some women about the experience I feel like I am helping to create a space for women in similar stages of life as me to accept that we can still feel attractive and confident even as our bodies change. This feeling of self-love and sexiness benefits more than just our partners!

Do you have any advice or tips for ladies who are thinking about doing a session? 

To do this right, it takes time! Try to schedule the shoot during a time when you are not going to be crazy busy. If you plan on buying beautiful lingerie for the shoot, don’t save it until the last minute. It sounds like obvious advice, but the shoot sneaks up on you!

What was your absolute favorite part of this experience? 

The images, and the new lingerie that I will actually wear and use to feel empowered and sexy!