Unique Boudoir Accessories

When it comes to planning a boudoir session, most people only think about what types of lingerie they want to wear. There is a lot that goes into each session, from the hair and makeup to the lingerie to even accessories in the room. Some of my favorite shoots are when clients bring in something completely unique. When you have an item that is so meaningful to you and your partner, it makes the shoot that much more special. Here are a few of my favorite accessories to think about for your next boudoir session with me.


Candles are one of my favorite items that clients bring in. You can even get the flameless ones and it just sets such a romantic vibe in all the of the photos. Depending on what location you choose, you can set the candles on the floor or even on a shelf or dresser. There are endless options to choose from and you can get really creative with them. 

Boudoir Accessories


Rugs are great for adding a fun texture to your session. From furry white rugs to patterned rugs, there are endless options. You can even lay a cozy rug on a bed to look like a blanket or lay it on the floor and do sexy poses on the floor. 



Nowadays, you can get so many different customized pillows. It's common with brides to get their wedding date on a pillow or maybe their last name. What is just a couch accessory is actually a great accessory for a boudoir session! If you are thinking about doing a topless look or even just a bridal look it can be a great accessory to take a few shots with. It makes it a bit more personal and is unique to you and your future hubby.