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Boudoir Skincare Tips

Annika RoserComment
Boudoir Skincare Tips

One question I get asked pretty often is what clients can do to make their skin look flawless for their session. When you are baring it all, you want your skin to look soft and radiant. Here are a few of my favorite tips to make sure your skin is ready for your next boudoir session. 



Water is your best friend! Drinking enough water is SO important not only for your skin but for your body function too. Your body loves water and is made up of mostly water so making sure you have enough is extremely important for your health.  Bring a water bottle around with you during the day, it will be a gentle reminder to keep drinking and you will always have it with you. If you have trouble drinking plain water, add fun things into your water like lemon, lime, fruit and even mint!


Moisturizing your skin pairs perfectly with drinking water and will add any extra hydration that skin may be missing. Using a rich lotion will help your skin and take care of any dry flaky skin that you may have. Not to mention, it feels great on your skin! After you shower or before you go to bed, take a little extra time to pamper yourself and lotion up! 

Getting Enough Sleep

When you think of skincare, sleep is probably not something that comes to mind but it is extremely helpful for your skin! Getting enough rest will ensure that there is no dark circles under your eyes and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. 8 hours is recommended but I know life gets in the way sometimes, so try and get as much sleep as you can the week leading up to your boudoir session. 

Skip New Products

There are so many different skincare products out there that I am always dying to try. If you are anything like me, I'm sure you know the feeling of wanting to find that perfect cleanser. But, I always recommend sticking with your normal skincare products around the week of your session. You don't want to try anything and find out that you have a bad reaction to it. Stick with your favorite products so you know your skin will look perfect for your shoot! 

Taking the time to make sure your skin is healthy and taken care of will not only make your skin look fabulous but will also make you feel more confident in your skin. And of course, the more comfortable you feel during your session the more fun you will have!