Prepping for Your Session

Being nervous for a boudoir session is totally normal! It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, and sometimes you can forget a few things along the way! Here are a few tips to make sure your day is flawless. 


After our consult together, I always create a personal Pinterest board just for you! It's full of different lingerie ideas that are perfect for your personality, style and your body. You can either shop straight from your Pinterest board, at your favorite lingerie store or even shop your closet. Try to think about what you want to wear a few weeks before your session so the day of you will know exactly what you are wearing. It helps take some of the stress out of planning!  

Boudoir Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Whether you are doing your own hair and makeup or using a stylist, think about what you want to do before the session date arrives. There are endless options that you can do and you don't want to wait till the last minute to decide. Pinterest is always a great place to get inspiration. If you need a trip or a root touch up on your hair, be sure to schedule your appointment before your session so your hair is how you love it for your session. 


I get asked a lot what clients can do to prep their skin and my biggest tip is to drink a lot of water. Our skin LOVES water and staying hydrated will ensure that your skin is glowing and moisturized. Staying hydrated is also great for keeping your skin clear  


An easy detail to completely forget about is your nails. Make sure they are trimmed and neat before your session. Our hands are photographed a lot during the session so don't forget to schedule a nail appointment before your session. miss is your nails!  

These are just a few simple things to ensure that your session runs smoothly. The most important part of your shoot is to relax and have fun! This is the perfect time to celebrate you!