Loving Your Body

I hear women all the time saying they would love to do a boudoir shoot but they want to lose a few pounds first or tone up before the decide to do book a session. You may even say those things when it comes to anything, not just boudoir. You'll book that dream vacation one day or that dress you've been eyeing, but only after you reach your goal. I'm definitely guilty of this! It's so easy to get caught up in what we are supposed to look like, but the truth is, we are exactly where we need to be. There is nothing wrong with setting goals but you should love your body each and everyday! It does amazing things like get you through each day, up that mountain and through that tough project you've been working on. 

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite tips on loving my body today, exactly how it is! We all get up in social media and life and it's important to take some time and remind yourself just how amazing you are. 

Focus on Ability, Not Just Weight

Stepping on the scale can be one of the biggest things to bring down your day. If you've been working out really hard and the scale doesn't budget, or even worse . - go up, it can totally ruin your mindset. What we forget is that when you are building muscle, your weight can actually go up! Muscle is so important and is heavier than fat. Instead of focusing on the numbers so much, focus on your workouts. Do you know that you can run a little bit more every time? Can you lift a few pounds heavier? Set a few goals for yourself! Give yourself a time frame and see if you can run that mile straight or get your first pull up. Whatever your goal may be, you will probably be more excited about that and your ability to do it than seeing the scale go down 5 pounds. 


Are you holding onto clothes that will maybe someday fit? Get rid of them! You can either donate them or sell them on sites like Poshmark. Take time to buy pieces that fit your body perfectly and that you love. Wearing clothes that are too big or too small will make you feel uncomfortable. You want to feel good in your skin and clothes are one way to do that! 


Self Care

Take some time each day that is just for you. Whether it is that yoga class you've been dying to take or a bubble bath, schedule it in! Taking some time for you will improve your mood and mental health. It's easy to fill your schedule and put yourself last, but when you start putting yourself first you will start seeing improvements in all areas of your life. 

These are just a few easy tips! Remember, don't put things off for someday. Life goes by too fast and you don't want to let the time pass you by. If you've been wanting to start a hobby or go somewhere special, the time is now! Don't put everything on hold for when you have your dream body.