Easy Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Having low confidence not only can mess with your mood but it also can start to impact your day to day life. You may have trouble reaching for those goals and resolutions that you set for the year. It may even change the way you interact with friends and loved ones. Sometimes when we are feeling down, we tend to just want to be alone on the couch. Everyone needs a little downtime but it's also important to get back out of the funk and start crushing those goals!


Set Smaller Goals

Setting small goals can make the biggest difference! When you set a huge goal list it can easily overwhelm you! I know when I get overwhelmed, it is so easy to put off all the things. Think of your bigger goals and try to break them down into smaller ones. You will feel SO good about crossing off those small goals and before you know it you will have tackled that big scary goal you originally set!


Smiling can work wonders when you are feeling down in the dumps. Smiling actually triggers your brain into feeling more secure and relaxed. Chances are, if you are walking around smiling, you are going to get a few people to smile back to you and even say hello. When you smile more, you not only cheer yourself up but others too!

Do A Good Deed

One of my favorite ways to get myself out of a rut is to do a good deed for others. Whether it is doing something nice for someone or even volunteering, seeing how happy that person is from what you did will definitely cheer you up. Making others smile will definitely make you feel good about yourself and help boost your confidence. 

It's easy to get down on yourself, but just take it one day at a time and do these little tips to get out of the funk. Self love and care is the most important thing! Happy ladies make the most beautiful ladies <3